Azmur, a young shamanic warrior, on a journey of self discovery; torn by the visions of the past, is compelled to face a formidable enemy; to free it from the clutches of a cursed existence, resulting in the uncovering of past secrets.

Oyun’s Quest is a third person, single player, action-adventure RPG game and virtual production cinematic project being developed as a Proof of Concept with a view of creating a cinematic, narrative-driven experience that will allow the users to play as “Azmur”, the protagonist of the story, on an epic journey of self-discovery and revelations of power.

The story takes place in a fantasy world, inspired by the historical era of Shamanic cultures from 7000 BC placed in boreal scenery. The player is immersed into a multi-choice narrative driven story, set in a ruthless world where the humans are at a constant struggle with the Berserker Barbarians who are at the peak of their power after crushing the pre-historic, High Elf Culture in the land of Attayya.

The player must journey through perilous coniferous forests, swamplands and snowy mountains accompanied by his trusty companion wolf to ward of horrifying beasts, barbaric berserkers, titans, dragons and more; all while discovering the potentials of their magical powers and strength as a Shamanic Warrior.

Open world game concept with multiple options for the storyline. This will allow the building of multilayers in a storyline with different outcomes.

The environment and the world of Attaya in Oyun’s quest is based around the coniferous forest of pre Europe in 7000 BC. being created using emerging technologies like Photogrammetry for realism and a virtual feel.

An environment weather system that incorporates realistic weather patterns from Thunderstorms to snowfall to rain, sunshine and a starry night to enhance the overall gamification experience of the player.

Azmur (protagonist) of our story is a shamanic warrior who was found deep within a wolf cave in the forest by the Usue, the chieftess of the village of Conne and adopts Azumur as her own along with her husband, Geher (Jarl of Conne).

Azmur has grown up to be quite a warrior under the master-ship of Geher while learning the shamanic arts under the watchful eye of Usue and is now prepared for the initiation of young warriors but more importantly to be prepared for the journey of self-discovery.



Azmur is guided by and accompanied by a companion white wolf that represents the soul of his departed mother – Arya who was a shaman. 

On Arya’s demise, her soul transmuted into a white wolf that helps Azmur through his journey through the land of Attayya.

Our story takes place in the boreal period, sometime around 7000 BC where the land of Aattaya was originally inhabited by a race of High Elves who were in a struggle with the Barbaric Berserker tribes for power and ownership.

The High Elves finally retreated to Fale Anore while the berserkers have claimed power over parts of the land. Destiny, however, had something else in mind. Magure (antagonist) of our story is intertwined with the journey of Azmur to fulfil the destiny of the land and time.

Behind The Scenes… 

The process and reasons behind working on Oyun’s Quest are to build a bridge over the gap between Emerging Technologies to storytelling, film making and gamification while empowering Studios and Independent developers.

We are currently in early stages of the development where we are building game mechanics and game play testing while in RnD with our team for incorporating live performance capture, digital humans, full-body motion capture, virtual productions, cinematic cameras and more.

We are really excited to announce Oyun’s Quest to you and invite you to join in the journey of our protagonist Azmur and the production process as we build the world and game.

We are also in the process of working on spinoffs and complementary IP’s to Oyun’s quest in the form of Animated Series, 3D animated movies and more.

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