Production Team

We enjoy celebrating all the talented people who have added their creativity to Oyun’s Quest. This is where we celebrate them.

Jeasy Sehgal

Producer, Writer, Director

Jeasy is an Emerging Technology evangelist in Film, Motion Capture, AR/VR/MR, Animation, Game Development.  Multi-Talented Creative and the founder of Graphic Monk Productions, a multi-disciplinary Production House with multiple brands incorporated under the umbrella, Imperial Swords, The Imperial School of Swordsmanship, Dynakinetix: Motion Capture & Virtual Productions.

Jeasy is a trained Film Editor, Fight and Movement Director, Weapon specialist, performance and motion capture trainer, writer, director. He trained for post production methodologies at Park Road Post (Weta Group – New Zealand) as well as post production at South Seas Film & Television School – New Zealand. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Tech Futures with a focused research on the perceived emotional and empathetic responses in Digital humans while also co-authoring specialist research papers. 

Brigita Sehgal

Executive Producer, Original Story Concept, Environmental Consultant

Brigita is a multi talented creative and educator. Brigita is the brains behind the original story concept of Oyun’s Quest as a starting point. As a Biologist and Environmental scientist, she undertook crucial research in to the development of appropriate environments.

David J. Ross

Game Narrative Script Treatment Writer

As a child, David once went up on stage during a Lions Club performance by a particularly spirited, yet aging magician, allowing the man to place him inside a guillotine and make an artful display of dropping the blade.

He has been invincible ever since.

Though he currently writes for video games (and virtually any medium he puts his mind to), he has done many other things. Musical theatre. Supermarket night fill. Amateur alchemy. He was a corporate wolf, but hated it. He wrote a couple of novels. He sings, and plays guitar (though not terribly well).

He is a devoted partner, and father (In case either of them are reading).

He may try stand-up comedy again one day.

Kristi Barnett

Screenwriter, Story Consultant

Kristi is a dual NZ/British screenwriter and script consultant who writes genre screenplays. Her work includes the award winning optioned horror They Hide In The Dark; and festival short comedy screenplay award winner Cuckoo, in production via the New Zealand Film Commission. Kristi produced the first movie rolled out over Twitter with a pioneering transmedia project called Hurst (aka@KarenBarley). She’s been commissioned by producers on various genre projects. Her horror screenplay 39 Days has been sold to NZ production company Libertine Pictures (NZ) under the title The Raft, and is in active development with Neil Cross (Mama, Luther, Crossbones) as Executive Producer. She is working on other screenplays with various NZ directors and producers, including David Stubbs. She’s an avid Xbox gamer and loves world-building and idea creation and learning the mechanics of game design.

Alana James

Screenwriter (Intern)

Alana is a junior at New York University studying Dramatic Writing at the Tisch School of the Arts. Focusing in horror, thriller, and drama, she aims to write for TV, Film, and Video Games. This is her first time working on an independent project, though she aims to make projects of her own within the next year. She has interned with multiple production companies such as Ohio Film Group, Diga Studios, and Baboon Animation. When she’s not writing she is watching Video Game playthroughs, enjoying cartoons, or learning Kpop dances.

Alana is currently pursuing her internship with the Starz corporation.


Sanjana Khusal

Screenwriter (Intern)

Sanjana is studying Media and Communications at the University of Auckland. Her goal is to become a writer for magazines and publish novels. She specializes in creative non-fiction and speculative fiction writing. Her creative writing has been published in Bitter Melon, Craccum, Debate Magazine and SaltWaterLoveZine. She is the founder of a local online initiative, #PukekoheIsHome, which is space for her community to spread their artwork. This is her first time working on fantasy video gaming. She is an avid film buff and loves creating elaborate characters for extravagant stories.

Nicholas Sussmilch

Unreal Engine 3D Generalist (Intern)

Nicholas is an artist with a passion for developing real-time 3D content and working in game engines. Graduating from Media Design School in Auckland with a Bachelor of Creative Technologies he is pursuing a career in the video game industry. Nicholas’s ambition is to be a AAA character artist. When he isn’t sculpting or studying up on anatomy his hobbies include a range of activities from ‘researching’ the latest video games to being out in the water, racing yachts. He is excited to be on board with this project and to be working with this great team!

Snow Chloe Feng (Feng Xue)

Screenwriter / Cinematograph Storyboard Artist

Jadeite Chloe is a Shanghai-based multi-talented illustrator, artist, cinematographer and animator. 

She has worked as a journalist, a newspaper editor as well as a registered educational professional for many years. Graduating from Film/TV/Media School at the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts, attained intensive professional training and completed her Diploma in Specialized Animation from New Zealand Yoobee College, as well as Diploma in Animation from New Zealand Animation College.

Jadeite Chloe is well experience in illustrating children’s books, one of which is renowned as the largest collection of Chinese nursery poems since China’s liberation in 1949. She has contributed to children’s literature for many years. Her illustration and design work also includes creating the movie posters for award-winning film directors Tom Blessen Tom (Banabans of Rabi) and Lu Jing Yong (Love of Miss He) as well as creating the logo for Poetry and Distance Poetry Society of An Hui, China.

She has been commissioned on various animation projects and collaborating on the documentary animation film ‘Crested Ibis (2021) with Shanghai Animation Film Studio and Shanghai Media Group as well as Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Jadeite recently collaborated with Shanghai Normal University on the animated short ‘When the Sakura Falls”. She has passion for comic art, cartooning, gaming art, and fictional writing. She is also an enthusiastic detective and thriller film buff. Her goal is to become a novel writer and animation director.



Dr Sylvia Hach

Masters Supervisor/Advisor Tech Futures Lab

Holding degrees in Psychology and Neuroscience including a PhD from Max-Planck, Sylvia has contributed to the scientific literature in fundamental and applied aspects of physical and mental health. Sylvia has worked in teaching and research institutes in Europe and New Zealand, exploring important questions around stroke, depression and pain. In the capacity of academic supervisor she has been able to apply her research skills in diverse projects including health, social science and education.

Sylvia’s passion lies in research that has the power to make a difference in people’s lives. At Tech Futures Lab, Sylvia advises current Masters Students; ensuring a strong evidence-base is part of every project plan.

Sylvia has been supervising and advising Jeasy through the Master Research on the perception of emotion and empathetical responses in Digital Humans and a focus vertical slice of the Oyun’s Quest project.

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Past Interns

Suchinder S Srivatsa

Project Management / Mentoring

Pooja Shirke

Storyboard Artist (Intern)

Shanice Chong

Dialogue Scriptwriter (Intern)

Claude Olivier

3D Generalist Artist (Intern)

Josh Algarme

Concept Artist (Intern)

Danny Higgison

3D Generalist Artist (Intern)

Ahmed Musthafa

3D VFX Artist (Intern)

Megan Askew

Game Designer (Intern)

Warwick Hau

Scriptwriter (Intern)

Daisy Calloway

Concept Artist (Intern)

Changhao lu

3D Generalist Artist (Intern)

Ryan Bosch

Technical Artist / Game Designer (Intern)

Yas Chamara Illangasinghe

Game Designer (Intern)

Aaron Ellacott

Game Designer (Intern)

Felicia Fel

Environment Artist (Intern)

Tom Peterson

Game Designer (Intern)

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