The Background Story

The concept behind Oyun’s Quest is to have multi-level deliverables for the end users, including an expression-driven gameplay experience, a high realism computer graphic cinematic as well as a hybrid combination of the two.

 Oyun’s Quest is a third person, single player, action-adventure RPG game being developed as a Proof of Concept with a view of creating a cinematic, narrative-driven experience that will allow the users to play as “Azmur”, the protagonist of the story, on an epic journey of self-discovery and revelations of power.

The project is currently used as an Internship program to help talent develop next-generation creatives in the art of virtual production, game design and development, motion capture and live animation techniques. The game project: Oyun’s Quest has been a successful test-bed for an internship program to help better understand and develop the next generation of solution providers.

We are using Reallusion Character Creator 3 and IClone 7 as an integral part of the live link process for creating the characters as well as the animation sequences etc while using Rokoko Motion Capture suits.

We achieved this by working closely with our collaborators from Rokoko & Reallusion to introduce the emerging technology pipeline to the graduates on the program, offering them unique problems to solve, without the fear of making a mistake, all with a view of offering creative freedom within the bounds of the creative brief of the overall project.

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