Sound Designer | Internship

Sound Designer | Internship

We are on the search for a talented Sound Designer to join the team and become an integral part of the creation of our Proof of Concept Project. 

If you are as passionate about quality Audio, Sound Mixing, Designing Audio for Games and Interactive platforms, pushing creativity, and taking immersion to new levels, then we’d love to hear from you.

What Will You Be Doing?

Creating real-time audio bites across a variety of styles, from character and weapon-based effects to environmental and destructive elements.

Working closely with our game development team, and following direction from the Art Director, to assist and create audio solutions to enhance the overall immersive effects, sound grabs, voice overs, ADR, Post Production, designing the audio behaviors for translating the overall narrative and cinematic experience .

For this role, we’re open to either someone with lots of experience or someone who is newer to the role. 

An Artist with a strong aptitude and knowledge base for appropriate software and real-time engine use such as UNITY 3D and UE4. 

Show prowess and intimate working knowledge of audio development, sound mixing, audio effects, field recording within software and hardware constraints.

Someone with a fundamental understanding of animation, timing, and weighting with reference to animated VFX or pre-canned sequences.

An experienced team player with strong communication skills. 

Ability to effectively critique their own and others work, respectfully.

The internship is strictly UNPAID. The team members will have full rights to showcase the work towards their portfolio and experience after approval from Creative Director.

If you feel you have the right mix of skills, attitude and a willingness to learn and grow with a team, then apply using the form below and tell us why you would be the best candidate to work on the project.


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Are you a recent graduate / final year student?

You confirm that you understand the "Internship Program" is UNPAID position for a 'Proof of Concept' project.

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